How to Create a Prototype Link in Figma: A Step-by-Step Guide

Figma is a powerful tool that allows designers to bring their ideas to life through prototypes. Creating a prototype link in Figma is a crucial step in sharing and gathering feedback on your design concepts. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of generating a prototype link in Figma, making it easy for you to share your work with others and collaborate effectively.

Step 1: Open your project in Figma

The journey begins by opening your Figma project. Whether you’re using the Figma website or the desktop app, you’ll want to locate your project in the Recent section. Here’s how:

  • After opening Figma, look for the “Recent” section on the left-hand menu.
  • Click on your project to open it.

This action will take you to your project workspace, where your design and prototypes reside.

Screenshot of left-hand menu, selecting the "Recent" option

Step 2: View your prototype

To interact with your prototype as if you were a user, you’ll need to enter Presentation view. Follow these steps:

  • In the upper right-hand corner of your Figma workspace, you’ll find a button with a play icon (▷). Click on it to enter Presentation view.

This view is designed for viewing and interacting with your prototype just as another person would.

Share button with a right arrow button

Step 3: Generate a link for your prototype

Now that you’re in Presentation view and can interact with your prototype, it’s time to generate a shareable link. Here’s how:

  • In the upper right corner of the Presentation view, you’ll see a “Share prototype” button. Click on it to open the share modal.

Screenshot of the button to "share prototype" on Figma

  • Within the share modal, you’ll find various sharing options and settings. To generate a link, look for the “Copy link” option in the bottom-left corner.

Screenshot that reads "Copy link" and "get embed code"

  • Click on “Copy link,” and Figma will promptly copy the link to your prototype to your clipboard.

A screenshot of the button "Link copied to clipboard"

Congratulations! You now have the Figma prototype link copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared with your team, stakeholders, or anyone else you’d like to collaborate with.

With this link, you can easily post it on discussion boards, share it in emails, or include it in your project documentation. It’s a seamless way to gather feedback and showcase your design work to a broader audience.

In summary, creating a prototype link in Figma is a straightforward process that involves opening your project, entering Presentation view, and generating the shareable link. Figma’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for designers to collaborate and iterate on their designs, ultimately leading to better user experiences and more polished products. So, start sharing your Figma prototypes and let the feedback flow!