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marco cau and hinnyMy name is Marco and I am a blogger with plenty of interests and hobbies. I love travelling, visiting new places and meeting interesting folks like you.

I was born in Sardinia, an island in the emerald Mediterranean sea. With its vast and charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment, Sardinia is a very popular tourist destination. In addition to the golden beaches and the crystal-clear sea, holiday-makers enjoy also the breathtaking views of the inland, the unspoiled nature, and the landscapes outlined by gentle hills and cliff edge mountains. Sardinia it’s like a continent in miniature, shaped by its own language and fierce traditions, its own cuisine and culture, its own history and the mystery that hangs over it like a shroud… So, this is where I am from.

After spending my childhood and youth in a small and peaceful Sardinian village, I started traveling Europe and the world. I have been living abroad many years and this taught me a lot. During the time spent away from home, I have had the chance to get to know many incredible people, discover the cultural treasures of new countries, and have lots of fun.

I still remember the first time I boarded an airplane. It was 2008, and that’s when my first adventure abroad began: five months study exchange in Brussels, the cosmopolitan capital of Europe. After that, spending too much time in the same place has always been difficult. There are so many wonderful places out there to see!

After a long wandering, I found my second homeland, Finland. What I really like about this Nordic country is it peace and the fair candor of its people. I even got used to the long dark and freezing winter months. On the bright side, summer is bright and warm.

Still, the desire and willingness to visit new destinations remain strong. As soon as a new adventure approaches I am always ready to jump into it.

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