How Web Marketing Changed Everything

Once upon a time, people used to base their purchase decisions on what they saw on billboards, television and newspapers. Those days are over.

Today everything is on-line. Of course, TV, billboards and newspapers still exist. The truth is: no one pays attention to them anymore. In the era of digital marketing, everything is on-line for consumers to find it. Smart-phones have become the major source of information for billions of people all around the world. These small devices, which fit into a pocket and are constantly connected to the Internet represent the main gate for marketers who want to reach consumers.

Many studies have found that, the amount of time the average smart-phone owner spends staring at the screen, daily, is quite impressive. People hold their phones in their hands all the time! When walking down the street we send WhatsApp messages to relatives and friends; while watching TV we check the Facebook news feed. Even when surrounded by other people we still prefer to use our phones instead of having a chat with the one sitting next to us.

The role of smart-phones in people’s life, is so massive that it distracts from everything which is happening around them.

How Effective Web Marketing Really is…

In addition to the complete change in people’s habits, technology changed our attitude towards how we perceive advertisement. The vertical approach, used for decades by marketers no longer works. No one wants to be lectured on how good a new product is, and what benefits it brings. People rather prefer to receive a suggestion by their fellow consumers. Social media are the perfect place for this. In social media everyone is equal, and everyone has the power to comment on anything so others can comment back, like it or share it.

Firms are becoming aware of this, and moving to web marketing.

The biggest advantage of web marketing is its limited cost and its great potential. A well-planned social media campaign reaches thousands of people, quickly and inexpensively.

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